Welcome to Alisa Carr's Website

Photo by Bill Haddock

Welcome! There are a variety of paths that may have brought you to this particular space. Maybe you are experiencing some type of pain or suffering in your life (anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, loss, addiction, etc.) and are searching for relief. Possibly you desire continued healing for emotional wounds with which you have become familiar. Perhaps you seek increased wholeness and harmony in your life.

Whatever your situation or state of mind, I hope that you feel invited, by what you see on my website, to begin or continue an inner journey of reflection, healing, and creativity.

Musician Ruthie Foster sings, “When my mind didn’t know how to get there, I trusted my heart, and I swear, my soul came to welcome me home.” I would be honored to assist you in learning to trust your heart.

Please look around this space, describing my healing practice. If something about it speaks to you, contact me…and let’s talk.

Thank you,
Eye of the Heart